Polarization Beamsplitter

Polarization Cube BeamSplitter

Polarization Cube BeamSplitter

Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters split randomly polarized beams into two orthogonal,linearly,polarized components-S-polarized light is reflected at a 90deg.Angle while P-polarized light is transmitted.Each beamsplitter consists of a pair of precision high tolerance right angle prisms cemented together with a dielectric coating on the hypotenuse of one of prisms.


Dimension Tolerance: -----------------------------------------------------±0.2mm
Flatness: -----------------------------------------------------------------------l/4 @ 632.8 nm per 25mm
Surface Quality: --------------------------------------------------------------60-40 scratches and dig
Extinction Ratio: -------------------------------------------------------------->100:1
Beam Deviation: -------------------------------------------------------------<3 arc minutes
Principal Transmittance: ---------------------------Tp>95% and Ts<1%♦ 
Principal Reflectance: ------------------------------Rs>99% and Rp<5%
Coating: Hypotenuse Face: -----------------------Polarization Beamsplitter Coating
All Input and Output Faces: -----------------------AR Coating
    ♦Principal Transmittance for 450~680nm: ----------Tp_avg>95% (Broadband)
Material: ---------------------------------------- N-BK7 or H-K9L Grade A optical glass
Standard wavelength: ---------- 488, 532,  633, 850, 980, 1064, 1310, 1550

Size(mm) Part No.
3.2x3.2x3.2 PBS1101
5x5x5 PBS1102
10x10x10 PBS1103
12.7x12.7x12.7 PBS1104
15x15x15 PBS1105
20x20x20 PBS1106
25.4x25.4x25.4 PBS1107


Material:-------------N-SF2 or H-ZF1 optical glass , material for PBS(450-680nm )  is H-ZF2 (N-SF5).
Coating wavelength:450-680, 650-850, 900-1200, 1250-1570, 1500-1610 nm

Size(mm) Part No.
3.2x3.2x3.2 PBS5201
5x5x5 PBS5202
10x10x10 PBS5203
12.7x12.7x12.7 PBS5204
15x15x15 PBS5205
20x20x20 PBS5206
25.4x25.4x25.4 PBS5207

Ordering Information:

Part No. - wavelength
For example, PBS5201 - 1500-1610nm
Polarization Beamsplitter Cube 3.2x3.2x3.2 mm, 1500-1610nm broadband coating

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